6 years


Anniversary SHOW

6 years of TEASE at the historic Palace Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. See all of the stars of TEASE, if you please!- with back-up dancers, large props, and group acts that have never been see before at our shows. This opportunity only comes around once a year, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

TEASE, if you please!- is a burlesque & variety show experience that promises a thrillingly and seductive evening for the new, or even experienced burlesque audience. Featuring not only classic striptease, but also modern- day styles that play out erotic-theatrical stories, and even comedic mayhem!

The show presents an intoxicating blend of glamour, high-end production value, and titillating acts to illuminate the audience with delight. Bringing together the finest burlesque and variety artists from around the world! Be prepared to enter an exciting night of sexy moves, amazing tunes, tons of laughs, and more than a few surprises!

When watching this production, the audience gets to enjoy different styles of performances, creativity, and technique. Our professional dancers accompany our headlining stars, and make each act larger than life! All acts are showcased with only the finest couture costuming – dazzling ensembles dripping in crystals that catch the light perfectly. The audience watches with wonderment as feather fans flow through the air, tightly-laced corsets loosen, and each performer teases the audience with the countless ways articles of clothing can be removed. 

The show features an amazingly diverse cast in every sense of the word – body type, ethnicity, and even gender. We celebrate the human form and what makes each performer unique! It opens the audiences eyes to all different types of beauty, and invites everyone to experience the joy of celebrating being sexy and confident!

We are so thrilled to be having our anniversary at the historic Palace Theaterfor the second year in a row! A true piece of history much like the art of burlesque. Back in 1926,  the city wanted to help maintain vaudeville’s popularity in the face of growing competition from movies, the Orpheum circuit constructed a new vaudeville theatre on Broadway. They called this new theatre the Orpheum, and changed the name of the original Orpheum to the Broadway Palace. The new Orpheum was now the center of the vaudeville circuit in Los Angeles, while the Broadway Palace was relegated to musical comedy and variety shows. While the strategy was successful in attracting top talent, the success would be relatively short-lived. A technological breakthrough had been made that would change the world and usher in the demise of vaudeville as America’s leading popular entertainment medium. In 1932, Los Angelenos began to find other options for their entertainment throughout the city, and as the proliferation of automobiles made it easier for people to travel to these other options, the Broadway Theatre District entered a period of decline. The palaces no longer attracted the same kind of audiences they once did, and over the next several years, they were either closed and sold or converted into second-rate movie theatres and retail spaces. In 1982, the building was purchased with the intention of preserving it for its beauty and historical value. The Delijani family purchased three more theatres on Broadway—the Palace Theatrethe Tower Theatre and the State Theatre—and formed the Broadway Theatre Group, with the goal of restoring these theatres as part of a larger initiative to revive Downtown Los Angeles as a thriving center of city life.

Tease if You Please!- has been a huge success in our efforts to bring live entertainment back to DTLA’s historic core. It has easily set the record for the longest running show in DTLA’s Broadway district, and was one of the most popular shows at the most recent Bringing Back Broadway this past year “ – Escott O. Norton- Executive Director of The Los Angeles Theater Foundation.

Please join us as we continue to make Los Angeles History in in one of the oldest and most beautifully renovated Theaters in the city. Tickets are on sale now.